Review – Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

gone girlBy now you’ve all seen the advertisements for the movie so you know the gist of the plot.  Wife goes missing and husband is prime suspect.

I held off on reading Gone Girl as long as I could.  It was a little too popular and I’m not one to read books that are water cooler topics.  I knew that one day I would read it and I finally gave in when the movie came out.

This is my second Gillian Flynn read – I gave Dark Places four-stars.  Honestly, I don’t want to give Gone Girl 5 stars but I don’t have a choice.


Reasons GG should be avoided:

– Every single major character is unlikable.  Most aren’t just unlikable but awful people who probably shouldn’t be out in the general population.

– Some of these people will do things that would have been unimaginable to you before reading and you will wish you could erase these acts from your memory so that you don’t have to believe that a human being could act this way.

– Most importantly, if you are getting married or thinking of getting married you should avoid this like the plague.  It doesn’t paint a pretty picture of wedded bliss.


Reasons you have to read GG:

– It’s so dang well-written.  The use of Nick’s POV in the present day alternated with Amy’s diary entries just works.

– The twists and turns will keep you guessing.  Even if you figure out one piece of the puzzle, Flynn surprises you by moving one you already had in place.

– You don’t want to be the one loser at a dinner party that doesn’t know how it ends.


5/5 begrudged stars.


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