Review – Storm Front (Book One of the Dresden Files) by Jim Butcher

storm frontAnother urban fantasy series that I am now hooked on.  Oh well.

The Dresden Files books have been on my radar for some time but I kept putting off starting.  As with the Iron Druid Chronicles, I just wasn’t sure I’d be as interested in a male driven UF.  Turns out I am an equal opportunity reader.

Harry Dresden is a wizard living in Chicago who has his own wizarding agency.  He works with the police and as a freelancer.  Surprisingly, it isn’t easy being magicky.

It’s clear why so many people love this series.  It has great writing and an entertaining story.  Harry is an interesting MC.  He has a good heart but like so many of the female UF leads he doesn’t seem to catch a break.  His imperfections make him more likeable.

But, there is work to be done in future installments.  Harry is a little too free with his opinion of women.  I can see why some hate him and the series for this.  I, personally, didn’t take offense as I didn’t read him as an overt misogynist.  But, yeah, it’s almost there.

A wizard / mage / whatever you want to call him should also make better decisions.  It’s a little annoying when they botch things even with their superpowers.  Get with the program.

Overall a strong start to the series and I can’t wait to read book two.

4/5 stars.

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