Review – Dead Spots (Scarlett Bernard #1) by Melissa F. Olson

dead spotsI have a book problem.  There are plenty of ‘to read’ books on my physical and e-book shelves.  But, I always need more.  I admit it.

When I saw a review of Dead Spots, I knew that it was one to add to my list. Then I discovered that I could borrow it for FREE from Kindle Prime.  Suddenly it was at the top of virtual stack.

Here’s the deal.  It was good but not great.  3/5 stars.

What I really liked:

– Original elements to a paranormal story. Scarlett is a null which means if she gets close enough to a werewolf, witch or vampire she makes them human while she’s near.  This worked very well and added a lot of interest.

– In general there was some good world-building and writing quality.


What didn’t quite work me:

– Love triangle.  Ugh.  Why?

– Scarlett is another female protagonist who isn’t as confident as she should be.  For example, she is convinced that one of her suitors only wants her because she makes him human and he hates being a wolf.  I didn’t buy it.  He wanted her…not her power.  It was annoying that she treated him so poorly.

– Scarlett puts up with way too much from her employers.  I won’t say more because – Spoilers.  But, girl, get some cojones and fight the power.


Overall, I enjoyed it and can see potential in the series.  And, yes, I will be reading book two soon!

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