Review – Thunderbird Falls (Walker Papers #2) by CE Murphy

thunderbird fallsWhat a complete bummer.

I didn’t love book one in this series (aka hot mess) but did think the series had enough potential to read book two.  While there is some good writing and moments that are entertaining, I just can’t get behind this book or its main character, Joanne.

One of the main problems is that it’s all over the place.  It feels like the author had a good idea but then wanted to add everything and the kitchen sink into the story.  It could have been streamlined and tightened up into a much more cohesive novel.

And, Joanne.  I want to like her.  She’s a normal woman (which I like) and is tall like me (not the petite female characters we get too often).  But, good Lord, she is an idiot.  She makes the worst decisions possible and can’t see the writing on the wall.  I want my female characters to be smart and savvy.  Yes, they may make mistakes but they won’t question and berate themselves constantly.  It was hard to tell if the author intended for Joanne to be seen as quite so stupid or if her character was poorly written.  Either way, it was a big disappointment.

2/5 stars.  (And, what the heck, as I type this I am asking myself if I will read book 3 and I don’t really know.  Part of me wants to know more about Joanne’s journey as a Shaman and part can’t be bothered.  We’ll see where this leads.)

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