Review – The Boleyn Reckoning (The Boleyn Trilogy #3) by Laura Anderson

boleyn reckoningWell, here we are with the conclusion of the Boleyn trilogy.  Am I glad it’s over?  Yes, in many ways.  The Tudors are STRESSFUL!  Was it worth that stress? Absolutely.

Review will contain spoilers for books 1-2.

From Goodreads: “Elizabeth Tudor is at a crossroads. After a disastrous winter, the Duke of Northumberland has been executed for treason while his son, Robert Dudley, claims from the Tower that the true traitor has not yet been caught. And though her brother, William, has survived smallpox, scars linger in the king’s body and mind and his patience is at an end. As English ships and soldiers arm themselves against the threat of invasion, William marches to the drumbeat of his own desires rather than his country’s welfare. Wary of this changed royal brother, Elizabeth assembles her own shadow court to protect England as best she can. But William, able to command armies and navies, cannot command hearts. Minuette and Dominic have married in secret, and after an ill-timed pregnancy, they take to flight. Faced with betrayal by the two he loved most, William’s need for vengeance pushes England to the brink of civil war and in the end, Elizabeth must choose: her brother, or her country?

Like father, like son.  Unfortunately.

Where do we start?  The writing is wonderful as ever with a good pace, strong characters and a storyline that provides a great backbone.  For writing alone this would be a 5-star read.  But, I am an emotional reader.  And, the character’s decisions, while realistic, cause a lot of grief.  Seriously, what were Dominic and Minuette thinking?  Ummm…if you are part of the king’s court and you get secretly married to his best friend while allowing him to believe he is engaged to you, Minuette, then you are probably going to come to a reckoning.  (See what I did there?  Ha!)  Your best friend is Elizabeth and she could have helped.  But, oh no, you kept it all to yourself and then tried to play royal games.

William is a disappointment.  In book one he is a loyal friend, good brother and all around likeable guy.  By book three he has turned into his father.  And, yeah, that’s not a good thing.

Elizabeth is the star of the show.  She remains true to herself and is the one thing the reader can count on.  We needed her.  Trust me.

Overall, this is a great trilogy.  Creative, interesting and well worth it.  4/5 stars and highly recommended.  Just keep the Tums handy.

Thank you to the publisher for providing a copy through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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