Review – The Likeness (Dublin Murder Squad #2) by Tana French

the likeness

The Likeness, 2nd in the Dublin Murder Squad series, is almost a 5-star favorite.

Tana French is undeniably talented.  Page after page just flows so smoothly that you don’t want it to stop.  Words become pictures and those pictures become a riveting story that keeps you glued to your seat.

The Likeness focuses on Cassie Maddox from book one.  She’s still recovering from those events and is pulled into an undercover assignment that becomes very personal.

Cassie is a strong protagonist because she is so believable.  Smart, tough, loyal.  Afraid of commitment, secretive, bad decision maker.  She’s a real person.

There are a few other supporting characters from book one that make appearances.  Sam, murder detective and boyfriend, is as solid as ever.  But it was the new additions who really drove this story home.  Frank as Cassie’s former undercover boss is someone you kind of love to hate.  He’s not a bad person but has that underlying sneakiness that makes him interesting.  The quartet of Daniel, Abby, Rafe and Justin will keep you guessing until the end.

The Likeness is almost a 5-star favorite.


Here’s the deal – the main premise that you have to buy into for this story to REALLY work is just, well, ridiculous.  I can believe a lot of things in the name of a story but this could never play out in real life.

I’m not going to spoil anything but you will know pretty early on the issue at hand.  And, my suggestion is to just let it go.  Forget that it isn’t plausible and go with it.  Trust me, the book is worth it.

4/5 stars.  And, yes, still highly recommended.

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