Review – Fair Game (Alpha & Omega #3) by Patricia Briggs

fair game

While reading Fair Game I had an epiphany about what makes a book go from “It’s good – 4 stars” to “I loved it – 5 stars”.  It’s all about the characters.  And, for me specifically, I need to connect with them.  I don’t have to like or even fully understand them.  But I need to be able to associate them with someone I know or want to know.  Or, maybe I just need to be able to put myself in their shoes for a few hundred pages.

And, here’s the rub with this 3rd installment in the Alpha and Omega series.  The writing is excellent as usual.  Patricia Briggs always delivers that.  There is an interesting storyline.  All of the pieces are there.  Yet, I didn’t feel that connection with Charles and Anna so I just knew this was going to be a 4-star for me.

Then, the last 5 pages happened.  And I learned that a book can become 5-stars with just a few words you weren’t expecting.  Since I don’t want to spoil anything, let’s just say that this could be a game changer for this and the Mercy Thompson series (set in the same world).

And, always remember, to never, NEVER, underestimate someone.

5/5 stars.  WHOA!

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