Review – An Artificial Night (October Daye #3) by Seanan McGuire

an artificial nightOctober Daye is another Urban Fantasy series that I just can’t quit.

From Goodreads: “October “Toby” Daye is a changeling-half human and half fae-and the only one who has earned knighthood. Now she must take on a nightmarish new challenge. Someone is stealing the children of the fae as well as mortal children, and all signs point to Blind Michael. Toby has no choice but to track the villain down-even when there are only three magical roads by which to reach Blind Michael’s realm, home of the Wild Hunt-and no road may be taken more than once. If Toby cannot escape with the children, she will fall prey to the Wild Hunt and Blind Michael’s inescapable power.”

The good:

– Toby – Let’s face it.  You can’t help but pull for her.  She’s like the train wreck best friend who is always losing her keys, having car trouble or breaking up with her boyfriend.  She can irritate you (see “the bad”) but you love her anyway.

– Tybalt – The King of Cats.  Enough said.  Can they just get together already?

– World-building is exceptional.  Three books in and you really feel like you understand the fae of Toby’s world.

– Strong story / plotlines.


The bad:

– Toby!  She makes the same mistakes over and over and over.  Always putting herself in danger.  How many times can she be at death’s front door?  And, I get it she doesn’t want to be a hero.  But she is.

– Repetitious writing.  This is a huge pet peeve for me and too many of the urban fantasy series that I otherwise like have this problem.  I’m hoping McGuire shakes this as the series progresses.


No Ugly.  Thank goodness.


Overall a solid installment and recommended for Urban Fantasy fans.  4/5 stars.

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