Review – Magic Breaks (Kate Daniels #7)

magic breaksI love the Kate Daniels series and I love Ilona Andrews.  This installment included all the things we’ve come to expect: Kate and Curran, the pack and all its’ infuriating ‘packiness’, big bad guys that don’t disappoint and action, action, action.  Another 5-star addition.  But…it did come close to losing 1/2 star.  Kate has lost some of her spunk and that’s not acceptable.  Bring back the sarcastic and, yes, violent Kate next time.  Please, Ilona?  I know, I know.  Kate has more to lose now.  She has a family.  Don’t care.  Want to see her kicking butt and taking names.

Any review would be too spoiler-y so I’ve decided to set my thoughts to song once again.  Sing along if you recognize the tune:

“Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
A tale of a fateful pair.
Kate was born to evil Roland,
His power was so rare.

Her mate was the Beast Lord, a lion,
Curran led the shifter packs.
Most of them didn’t accept Kate,
She had to watch her back.

They knew Roland was coming soon,
And they would have to fight.
Curran said they would take him on,
And, Kate said, “Alright”.  And, Kate said, “Alright”.

When Roland showed up it didn’t go down as planned.
He did bring Hugh.
Hibla too,
The vampires and their minds,
The navigators,
The leader and his magic,
It’s about to be on.

So this is the tale of Kate and Curran,
Fighting for their town,
They’ll have to make sacrifices,
It’s finally going down.

With friends and their family too,
They’ll do their very best,
To make sure everyone is safe,
After this ultimate test.

With power words and swords of bone,
Kate uses all her tools,
To fight her father Roland,
And save a pack of fools.

So sit right back and read some more,
You’re sure to be shocked,
About Kate’s Atlanta,
And the ending that rocked.”

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