Review – Journey Into the White (In Darkness We Must Abide #12) by Rhiannon Frater

Beautiful lonely girl  in long dress

Initial Thoughts: Aeron!  This installment gives us so much more info and has added a layer that I didn’t expect.

Full Review: I agree with some other reviewers who have said that it is getting harder to review these serial installments.  It would be easy to rave and be a fan-girl but that’s not quite my style.  A part of me just wants to give you some of the story highlights but that would be too spoilerish.  And, I am highly recommending that you read this so I don’t want to spoil any of the goodness.

Ok…here’s the only morsel I’m going to give you.  Journey Into the White is almost all about Aeron.  We have been waiting for this for eleven episodes and it was most definitely worth the wait.

Rhiannon always writes well-rounded characters.  But, she has a special touch with the ‘bad guys’.  They are never one-dimensional and you are left wanting to know more about their back story. Why have they turned to the dark side?  Is there a chance for any sort of redemption (not forgiveness, they’ve usually gone too far for that, but something…)?

Vanora continues to grow as a woman and is coming into her own.  It will be interesting to see where her powers take her and if she can have the life that she wants.

Full of greatness.  5/5 stars and highly recommended (but start at the beginning with Episode 1!)  Thank you to the author for providing a copy through the readalong in exchange for an honest review.

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