Review – Alpha and Omega (#0.5) and Cry Wolf (A & O #1) by Patricia Briggs

cry wolfThose of you that are familiar with Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series will recognize Charles Cornick, a very minor character in those stories.  He is the son of Bran, the Marrok, so he plays an important role in the werewolf world.  As an enforcer, he is a dominant wolf who takes care of problems for his father.

Alpha and Omega is a novella that introduces Anna.  She is an Omega (although she doesn’t know what that means) who is being abused by her pack.  They are being some bad, bad wolves so she ends up calling Bran to ask for assistance.  Once she and Charles meet, it is clear that we have a pair that is meant to be.  While this is a pretty short story, it packs a good bit of emotion and action into the pages.  4/5 stars.

After finishing the prequel, I immediately picked up Cry Wolf to learn more of their story.  It’s impossible not to root for Anna.  She’s been through a horrific time but is coming through okay.  While I liked the addition of the “Omega” wolf angle to the story, I do have to admit that it isn’t my favorite.  Her ability to calm an errant wolf seems a little too convenient as a way to solve tricky plot issues.

As always the writing is well done and the story engrossing.  Any readers who hate insta-love may have an issue with Charles and Anna’s love story.  You have to accept that they knew pretty much immediately that they are meant to be mates.  My only issue is that he didn’t have to work hard enough to win her over.  I tend to enjoy those stories where the male has to woo the female over several books (like Mercy and Adam or Kate and Curran.)

Even with the few minor issues I had, I would still give this one 4/5 stars and I’ve already purchased books 2 and 3 to read soon.  Recommended to UF fans.

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