Review – Zombie Tales from Dead Worlds by Rhiannon Frater

zombie talesZombie Tales from Dead Worlds is the best set of zombie short stories / novellas that I’ve read.  In most collections, you get some great ones, some that are okay and others that are just plain stinkers.  Not so with Zombie Tales.  Every story is unique and each one is a winner.

“The Blanket” – 5/5 stars – a little boy hiding during a zombie attack.  A great start to the book.  I was left with one word: “Whoa”!

“The Scavengers” – 5/5 stars – such a different take on the zombie story.  What is a zombie?  Do they have feelings?  Can they be a part of the new world?

“The Building” – 5/5 stars – another with a young protagonist.  While Letty wasn’t easy to like (what teenage girl is?), you could put yourself into her shoes and feel her struggle with this life.  An unexpected ending that is pretty realistic when you think about it.

“The Necromancer” – 5/5 stars and my favorite of the group – Necromancers help control the zombies in this world.  When Fabiola is called to assist a settlement that has been attacked, she finds more than she bargained for.  Tons of character development with a little bit of a love story within 29 pages.  I was left wanting more.

“The Race” – 4/5 stars – while this was my least favorite, it was still solid.  Again, think about what would happen in the real world of the zombie apocalypse.  It brings out the best and the worst of people.  This story showcases some of the worst.  Not overtly evil people.  Just normal people who don’t choose to do the right thing and then pay for it.

“The False Start” – 5/5 stars – a look at the beginning of a zombie apocalypse.  Lots of running.

If you are into zombie stories, you cannot go wrong with this one.  Highly recommended.

Thank you to the author for providing an e-copy in exchange for an honest review.

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