Review – Dreamfever (Fever #4) by Karen Marie Moning

dreamfeverI have 6 books on my “currently reading” list.  Each night I switch back and forth between them because none are fully holding my interest.  They aren’t bad.  Just not special.  I think my problem is that I recently read….Dreamfever.

You see, Dreamfever is close to being a perfect book for me.  It’s full of action but not lacking any emotion.  It begins right where Faefever left off with Mac in the clutches of the Unseelie.  Then, things start happening.  Moning is an unbelievable storyteller who is quite devious with the cliffhangers.  Yes, this book ends with one as well that is even more nerve-wracking.

At this point in the review, I type a sentence and then backspace.  Everything becomes a spoiler which is unacceptable since you must read the Fever series if you haven’t.  And, if you have, well then you know that:

___________ saved _________ by __________ into the ________ and then _________ to the __________.

__________ __________ _____________ to bring her back and she ___________ ___________ for it.

__________ fights ___________ over and over.

__________ has some secrets.

__________ also has a lot of secrets.

__________ dies.

Favorite quotes:

“Oh ye of little faith. Not for IYD… But you didn’t even try.”   (Heartbreaking when Mac realizes this.)

“The nerve. Threatening you and not being precise about it.”

“See me when you look at me.”

Seriously, friends, if you like urban fantasy then this is a must read.  5/5 stars.


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