Review – My Life As A White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland

white trash zombieI’ve seen this book around for a while and knew that I had to get to it eventually.  You see, I am obsessed with zombie stories.  And I grew up in SC.  Now, now.  I’m not saying everyone from SC is white trash.  Quite the contrary.  I’ve had multiple conversations with friends about the differences between high falutin, country, good ol’ boy, redneck and white trash (aka trailer trash).  And, truth be told, in many cases I’d rather hang out with someone considered white trash than someone high falutin.

Diana Rowland did a good job of describing the most common version of white trash without making it offensive and over-the-top.  Angel lives in a trailer with her alcoholic father.  Their driveway is covered in empty, smashed beer cans.  The house is dirty and neither of them care.  Angel moves from one minimum wage job to another.  She and her redneck boyfriend do drugs recreationally and Angel has been busted for buying a stolen car.

But, one night something happens to Angel and the world becomes a different place.  After surviving this something (her memory is unclear at this point), she gets a job working in a morgue through an anonymous benefactor.  While assisting with autopsies, she finds that she is attracted to the brains.  Yum.

A reader could just focus on the zombie good-ness and be fully entertained.  There is much love for brains, zombie life problems and a good story to go along with it.  But, there is more to MLAAWTZ.  Rowland has given Angel heart.  She is definitely white trash but she wants to be better.  Once she sees that it’s possible and that she can make real, non-white trash friends, her life moves in a new direction.  Cheesy as it sounds, this is a story about hope and working with the hand you are dealt.  Angel is someone to root for.  She is just like so many people I’ve known in my life who’ve been given a raw deal and they’ve turned it around.  I loved how Rowland built this character within a fun story.

4/5 stars for a good start to the series.  Can’t wait to read the next one.

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