Review – A Local Habitation (October Daye #2) by Seanan McGuire

a local habitation

Note to self: I really need to write my reviews much faster after I finish reading a book.  So what if work is killing me and I don’t have time.  MUST. MAKE. TIME. FOR. BOOKS!

I finished A Local Habitation several weeks ago during a time when I was feeling very overwhelmed with work.  This is one of my new go-to series when I need to relax and read something that isn’t too much for my overtaxed brain.

What I liked:

– Tybalt.  To me he is the star of these books so far even if he gets limited page time.  He is the perfect mix of alpha male with a cat’s personality.
– The sayings – “Oh Oak and Ash” is my new “I’m frustrated…get the heck away from me” response.
– Easy Reading with a good story

What doesn’t quite work:

– October.  Yes, our main character.  There were times that she started growing on me.  But, she’s supposed to be this great investigator and she just seems to fumble through these cases.  It’s hard to believe she’s still alive at this point.
– Amandine, Toby’s mother.  She’s only been mentioned in the books so far and hasn’t made a real appearance.  It’s past time.  Rather than telling us about her, show us her character.

Overall, a good read and I will continue the series.  Mostly for Tybalt.  4/5 stars.

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