Review – Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning


“Bottom line is most of the world will push you as far as you let them.”

So…I read the first book in this series, Darkfever, several years ago not long after it was released. I remember enjoying it but thought it wasn’t anything too special. Mac was a spoiled brat who was pushed into a life or death situation. Jericho was the mysterious male lead. Pretty typical stuff for urban fantasy. (Although I do remember that he painted her toenails at the end of that story and I was rather impressed.)

Fast forward to present day and I kept seeing status updates on Goodreads. Everyone was obsessed with this series and I felt left out. A few one-clicks later and I had books two and three in my hands. Score!

Bloodfever continues Mac’s story and the search for the Sinsar Dubh. I didn’t feel any disconnect with the story even though it had been years. In fact, I was immediately drawn in and even started liking Mac. She is growing and, whew, is she in an almost impossible situation.

Jericho, Jericho, Jericho. Who are you? What are you? Can we trust you with our lives?

V’lane, the bad boy far prince. I shouldn’t like him but just cannot help it. Admission time – his scenes with Mac are my favorite. Don’t judge.

As a reader, I can feel the story ramping up and know that it is about to get REAL! But, we aren’t quite there yet. A great read but not special. (Spoiler: the next book heads into special territory. Stick with it!)

4/5 stars

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