Review – On the Edge by Ilona Andrews

on the edge“Go brush your teeth, comb your hair, put on dry clothes, and get the guns. We’re going to Wal-Mart.”

On the Edge is the first book in The Edge series by Ilona Andrews.  If you follow my reviews at all, then you already know that I love her Kate Daniels series.  While I am impatiently waiting for the July 2014 release of Magic Breaks, I decided to give this one a shot.  It didn’t give me all the feels of the KD books but it’s still a 5-start read.  Ilona Andrews does a great job writing about strong women and the men who love them.

In this reality, there are two separate worlds – the Broken and the Weird.  We normal humans who don’t believe in or can’t practice magic live in the Broken.  Those full of magic live in the Weird.  Rose lives in the Edge.  That’s the border between the two worlds.  She lives her life working a minimum wage job in the Broken.  Each day she comes home to the Edge to take care of her two younger brothers.  One day, she meets Declan.  He is a blueblood from the Weird and makes it clear that he intends to have her.  Magical beasts are attacking the Edge and she has to put aside her pride (and fears) to work with Declan and keep the Edge safe.

Rose is a great MC.  She hasn’t had an easy life and gets few breaks.  But, she’s strong and does what has to be done.  She doesn’t dwell on the fact that she should have a better life.  Her fight to keep her independence and not have someone use her for her powers is well-written.  So many times we see female characters give up too much or subjugate themselves to the male protagonist.  Rose does none of this.  She remains her own person throughout.

Declan had to grow on me.  If I’m perfectly honest, he suffered because of my constant comparison to IA’s other male lead – Curran.  In the end, he won me over.  You’ll have to read On the Edge to find out if he was able to win Rose as well.

The supporting cast is entertaining and adds well to the story.  Rose’s two brothers are exactly what you would expect from precocious boys.  Her grandmother is the overprotective matriarch of the family.  And, other residents of the Edge add the good and bad that you would find in any group of people.

Another great read from Ilona Andrews and recommended to urban fantasy fans.

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