Review – A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness


Recipe as follows:

1 – Mary Sue as MC. For best results, she should have super powers and must not believe herself beautiful.
1 – Vampire love interest who makes Edward Cullen look like a laid back boyfriend. Must be handsome, wealthy, intelligent, controlling and have no sex drive.
3 – Deceased parents who have left scarred children
3 – Evil witches who want to know the secrets of your power
4 – Daemons of unknown intentions
2 – Evil vampires who want to drink your blood
One heaping scoop of a group related to the Knights Templar
A dash of forbidden love
A pinch of time travel

Mix all of these ingredients well and put them into an exotic location like England or France. Transfer to the northeastern United States.

Voila. You have now created your very own Discovery of Witches. Good job.

2.5/5 stars and quite disappointing until the last 50 pages.

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