Review – Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs

Silver BorneSilver Borne is the 5th book in the Mercy Thompson series.  I was having a hard work week and needed a pick me up a few nights ago.  As I looked through my rather large to-be-read pile, I saw Mercy sitting there and knew that she and Adam were just the thing.

Too many times as a series progresses we see recycled storylines, characters losing their way and a general decline in the writing quality.  There are no signs of those issues here.  Each book has a fresh stand-alone story that is wrapped up well within the pages.  The overall series plot is maintained with characters growing along the way.  While there is no Stefan in Silver Borne (sad face), we get a lot of the pack and some fae action.

Patricia Briggs has done a great job of allowing the reader to become a part of Mercy’s life.  This means that we’ve gotten to know the pack pretty well.  Yes, Adam…our alpha and overall hero.  While he isn’t perfect, he is exactly what an alpha should be.  Plus, who would really want him to be perfect.  That’s not interesting.  There are so many other pack members that we are slowly getting to know.  Warren and Ben continue to be favorites as they are loyal and pretty darn funny.  Let’s talk about the women though.  Seriously, they need to get a grip and accept Mercy.  My hope is that her continued loyalty to them (the pack) and her bond with Adam will finally break through those walls.  Because, let’s just be honest, I have a big-time girl crush on Mercy.  I’ve extolled her virtues over five reviews so if you haven’t already gotten to know her then it is your loss.  And, I won’t accept these fictional characters being nasty to her.  As a woman I want to see them supporting each other.  Fingers crossed.

5/5 stars.  If you are looking for a great story, interesting characters, a lot of action plus some humor and romance, then pick up the Mercy Thompson series.

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