Review – Archangel’s Kiss (Guild Hunter #2) – Nalini Singh

archangel's kissArchangel’s Kiss is the second book in the Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh.  The first book was a 4-star read for me but Singh took it to the 5-star level with this one.  As I wrote when I finished reading, this series is my new guilty pleasure.  In many ways it is a standard paranormal romance.  But, the writing is exceptional and the characters are smoking hot.  What more can you ask for in a Sunday afternoon read?

Review may contain spoilers for book one:

Elena and Raphael are back.  She just woke up from a year-long coma and now has to adjust to being an angel.  “Give me wings so I can fly.”  Those wings don’t come with an instruction manual and Elena needs to get up to speed fast as she and Raphael have many enemies.

The archangel mythology that Singh is building is pretty fascinating.  So many of the older angels are slowly becoming less and less human which leads them to do things that we find reprehensible.  But, for an immortal, most of what we find important is insignificant.  Seeing Raphael regain some of that humanity through his mating with Elena is one of the great parts of this story.  He is still arrogant and controlling but is learning to become better.  Elena is strong and independent so she needs that freedom from him if their relationship is going to work.  It was difficult for her to be vulnerable and one of the weaker beings during her recuperation.  I look forward to future installments where she comes into her full angel power.

There was a lot of archangel action in this installment and the members of Raphael’s seven (including the vamps like Dmitri) were all there.  The guild played a very small role but I think we’ll see more of them in book three.

Recommended to paranormal romance fans and anyone looking for a fun escape from day-to-day life.

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