Review – The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born

the gunslinger bornThe Gunslinger Born was my first foray into the world of graphic novels.  While I am a huge Dark Tower fan, I’m not sure I fit the target audience of this format.

The story is from Wizard and Glass which is my favorite of the series.  The novel had so much action and the writing never faltered.  But, it was the emotion that it brought out in me as a reader that made it a favorite.  TGB didn’t evoke those same feelings.  I knew the ending and maybe that made this a little less enjoyable.  Would someone who hadn’t read the book enjoy this more?  Maybe.  My guess, though, is that because the story was so condensed for this format I didn’t have a chance to truly connect with the characters.  The surface feelings were all there but there was no depth to the emotion.

I did also feel that the script writer overused the Dark Tower language, especially in the first half.  It was filled with “ka”, “the face of your father”, “if it please ya” and more.

The drawings were excellent, though, and elevated this to a 4-star read.  The details were almost perfect.  While the faces didn’t exactly match those in my head, the eyes captured the emotions.  The color use was also exceptional.  Some of the pencil sketches included at the end were unbelievable.

Overall, this wasn’t bad first graphic novel for me.  I do plan to pick up the second in this series soon.  And, I have the Outlander graphic novel up soon for comparison.

What do you think about graphic novels?  Do you have to get used to the different format?

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