Review – Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs

bone crossedBone Crossed is the fourth book in the Mercy Thompson series.  After the emotional events of the last installment, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Patricia Briggs delivered another great story that features a strong woman (Mercy) and her mate, Adam, who is slowly becoming one of my favorite alphas.  In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that he rivals and, in some instances, surpasses Curran.  He treats Mercy with respect and allows her to be herself without compromise.

“Personally, I figured it was up to me to keep me safe.”  Mercy has a lot of friends and will accept help when she needs it.  But, she depends on herself first and foremost.  Her coyote form may not be the strongest physically but she makes up for it with her intelligence and general wiliness.

Samuel, Stefan, Warren and all the other werewolves are present.  This book primarily focuses on the vampires and fallout from Mercy’s decisions in book two.  That worked just fine for me.  Stefan is a great character and I want to know more about what makes him tick.  He clearly cares for Mercy but I know there is more to the story.

Trying not to spoil anything because there is major movement forward in the overall series storyline.  There was one paragraph, though, that I specifically marked as I thought it captured Mercy so well:

“Adam was conducting what was rapidly developing into a full pack meeting in his living room upstairs.  He’d looked relieved when I’d excused myself to see Stefan – I thought he was worried someone would say something that might hurt my feelings.  In that he underestimated the thickness of my hide.  People I cared about could hurt my feelings, but almost complete strangers?  I could care less about what they thought.”

5/5 stars for another great book from Patricia Briggs.  Already looking forward to the next one.


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