Review – Skinwalker by Faith Hunter

skinwalkerSkinwalker is the first book in the Jane Yellowrock urban fantasy series.  Jane is a skinwalker – a type of shifter who can change into many different forms, including those where she loses or gains mass temporarily.  Beast lives within Jane and they have a sometimes tenuous alliance.  As a vampire hunter, she has been hired to kill a rogue in New Orleans.

Overall, this was a successful start to the series and I can see why it is popular among UF fans.  Immediately after finishing, I rated it 4/5 stars and I think I’m going to stick to that.  For me the most compelling character was actually Beast.  She is what she is.  Her thoughts are simple.  She follows her instincts.  Beast makes no apologies.  I like her.

The story was well done and interesting.  There was a good bit of detailed writing but that works for me.  I enjoyed the descriptions of the heat, New Orleans vamp politics and the smells of the city.  The vampires themselves were an interesting bunch and I can see many more stories that have their beginnings in this first novel.

Jane, however, is going to need to grow on me.  I found her somewhat weak, especially for a vamp killer.  And she seemed to miss clues or take way too long to question those that could have helped her find the rogue sooner.  The author also gave her a trait that I am coming to loathe in current literature.  It seemed that every man who met Jane had the hots for her.  We aren’t talking about a love triangle here.  This would be like a decagon.  I couldn’t keep up with all of her admirers.  One minutes she’s sniffing the Joe, the next she’s salsa dancing with a bodyguard and then tango-ing with a vamp.  Hey, she’s single.  Go for it girl.  But, really, I have never met a woman who attracts every man she meets.  That is the stuff of movies and men’s fantasies.  And speaking of men’s fantasies…Jane has a killer body and is apparently a mesmerizing dancer who is trained in Latin, ballroom, belly dancing and all forms of unintentional seduction.  Her hair.  Oh, her hair.  Would a vamp hunter seriously have butt-length hair.  Even if she braids it, IT IS STILL GOING TO GET IN THE WAY DURING A FIGHT.

I’ve got to stop now or I’m going to lower my rating.  And, I really don’t want to as I do think this can be a good series.  My plan is to read book two soon and see if some of these things are ironed out in the next installment.

Have you ever really enjoyed a book but decided that you had to let a few things slide to maintain that enjoyment?

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