Review – Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews

magic rises“There is a price for everything, and it’s never something you can afford to give up.  It’s always someone you love.”

Have you ever gone into a book with a knot in the pit of your stomach?  It’s so bad that you can’t read past page 38.  You clean the house (gasp!), watch television, walk the dog – all to avoid finding out what one of your favorite fictional characters has done that made so many other readers rabidly angry.

Magic Rises did that to me.  I was warned by both Goodreaders and Twitterers that Curran was going to do something that I wouldn’t like.  If you have read my reviews of the prior five books in this series, then you know that I am a big fan of Kate and Curran’s relationship.  They took it slowly, came through the bumps in the road and then finally accepted each other.  If they fall apart, what fictional couple has any chance of success?  I know, I know.  I’m overreacting.  It’s just a story.  But, you see, it’s really not just a story.  A great writer can make the readers care about the characters.  They become part of our family, one of our friends.  If they hurt, we hurt.


A young member of the pack starts to go loup and is about to be put down.  There was only enough panacea (potential loup cure) to save her sister.  The doctor, after some convincing, puts her in a coma until Kate and Curran can try to find a solution.  Curran then gets an opportunity to travel to Europe on bodyguard duty.  His reward would be enough panacea to last the pack for months.  He and Kate both know it’s some sort of trap but they cannot pass up the opportunity to save the pack’s children.  BOAT TRIP!

I’m about to get a little spoilery so if you haven’t read the series and want to go into the story fresh, then avert your eyes and by all means don’t click on the next page which includes spoilers.

I believe there are three to four more books planned for this series.  Part of me wants to know the end game but another part doesn’t want it to be over.  Through all the pain that this book put me through (thanks, Ilona Andrews), I still have to give it 5/5 stars.  To evoke this level of emotion takes a talented writer and I’m still reeling.  So, there you have it.  Now I need a drink.

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