Review – Angel’s Blood by Nalini Singh

angel's blood“Because the very thing that repelled her about Raphael also attracted her. Power. This was a man she couldn’t take on and hope to win.”

Angel’s Blood is the first book in Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series.  I can see what all the fuss is about.

Elena is a born vampire hunter.  She can scent and track them when hired to find rogue vamps.  Raphael is the archangel over New York City and needs the best hunter to help him find a killer.  Elena knows that crossing Raphael will mean her life but she can’t help pushing his buttons at every opportunity.

This is a book full of action – both physical and physical *wink wink*.  Nalini does a great job building an interesting world where angels rule vampires.  The archangels are complicated and we have just scratched the surface of their background story.  Her descriptive writing brought to life the beauty and power of the angels.  The wings, the angel dust, mind control and more.  And, the vamps.  Dmitri, an ancient vampire, is especially intriguing.  Why does he continue to serve Raphael and does he have more power than some of the angels?

The book jacket called this an Urban Fantasy Romance.  I was kind of surprised as I would have put this right into the Paranormal Romance category.  Not a big deal as I liked it either way but I do think that someone picking this up as a UF might be in for a shock with the sexy times.  There is a lot of overlap in the two categories (my used bookstore puts them all in one section) but some readers don’t like one or the other so I do think it’s important for publishers to categorize consistently for the reader.  Just my opinion.

And, I do have to say that I don’t love the cover on this one.  The model doesn’t live up to the description of the tough as nails Elena.  I’ve seen later covers and I think they do her more justice.

Angel’s Blood is a great start to this series.  4/5 stars and highly recommended.

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