Review – Web of Lies by Jennifer Estep

web of liesWeb of Lies is the second book in the Elemental Assassin series.  Gin Blanco says that she is a retired assassin but somehow she continues to be drawn into these life or death situations.  It all starts when two guys, one an elemental, try to rob the Pork Pit.  Of course Gin stops and humiliates them.  An enemy is made and that’s bad news since his dad is one of the town big-wigs.  Later, shots are fired and a chance to protect an innocent is given to Gin.  And we know that she cannot walk away from a challenge.

My issue with Web of Lies is the same that I had with book one – repetition.  I kept wondering about the editor.  Do they see what I see or is this a situation where the author’s word is final?  Don’t get me wrong.  These are good books with a great story.  If anything that makes the repetition even worse.  They should be 5-star reads but I cannot get over the continued:

  • “Donovan Caine” – seriously…EVERY.SINGLE.TIME he is mentioned it gives his full name.  Why????
  • “Gold on Gray” – I get it.  You have a thing with eye color and eyes meeting.  I like eyes too but geez…
  • Locations of all her knives.  Again, I don’t need to know this each time she pulls one.

There are other examples but I don’t want to get too snarky because I did enjoy Web of Lies.

Gin is a likable protagonist and you want her to be happy.  But, she makes decisions that won’t allow that to happen.  Sometimes they just don’t make sense.  She is a smart woman.  Can she not see that she has no chance of a future with Donovan?  And, frankly, I don’t know what she sees in him.  I find him weak and not worth her time.  We are introduced to another love interest, Owen, who shows much more promise.  Plus she jumps into situations with an overly confident attitude and ends up getting hurt because of it.  Learn from your mistakes, girl!  And, yes, Mab is who you think she is.  Everyone knows it.

I’m giving this one 3.5/5 stars and will continue the series for now.  My hope is that some of the repetition is gone in future installments.  Pretty please.   I want to love these books!

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