Review – Betrayal (In Darkness We Must Abide #10) by Rhiannon Frater

betrayalWe finally have the 10th installment in the IDWMA serial and it was most definitely worth the wait.  The conclusion to the second season was intense and still left us with so many questions to be answered.  Season Three cannot come soon enough.

Vanora is in the midst of a cyclone.  The purge is taking her friends and almost all of Roman’s vampires are fighting for their lives.  Aeron and his minions are on a killing spree with one main goal – Aeron finally possessing Vanora.  Armando is still caught between his master and his love.

At the end of Season Two, the reader is left with the feeling that nothing will ever be the same.  Now that Vanora has lost Roman and everyone else is under attack, she has very few options.  And, finally, she is starting to see the position that Armando is in.  Her reaction shows her maturity and growing ability to deal with almost un-winnable situations.

While each installment has been a great read and Rhiannon always masters character development, I thought Betrayal stood out in this regard.  Alisha, Armando and others have been a strong supporting cast.  But, this time, I felt a further connection with the others.  Sheila and Alexander showed strength in their friendship to Alisha and Vanora.  And, their relationship was one of my favorite aspects of this story.  Sheila is one tough mama.

It goes without saying that the return of Greg was a winner.  He was entertaining in the prior episode but he played a much more major role here.  It will be interesting to see where his story goes.

This is another great story from Frater and a must read for her fans (old and new).  5/5 stars.  Thank you to the author for providing an e-book through the readalong.

2 thoughts on “Review – Betrayal (In Darkness We Must Abide #10) by Rhiannon Frater

    • It would help to have some of the background info but I do think you could read an installment without it. You’d want to go back and catch up, though. :). I think episode 1 is free on Amazon if you have a Kindle. They are easy reads.

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