Review – Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews

Magic SlaysMagic Slays is the fifth installment in the Kate Daniels series.  Can I just tell you that I am completely obsessed with Kate and Curran’s story?  As soon as I finished MS, I wanted to pick up the next one immediately.  My brain was trying to remind me that I have so many other books that I need to read first but my heart just wanted more Magic.  Happy sigh…

If you read this review, it will contain spoilers for the prior books.  Be warned!

Kate and Curran are mated and attempting to live together at the Keep.  Kate also now has her own a business which is starting slowly, to say the least.  So, when she gets a call from Ghastek asking for her assistance catching a loose vamp, she takes the job.  While she quickly catches her prey, she soon finds that there is much more going on here.

We are seeing the effects of a world where humans, vamps, shifters and mages try to live together.  As in real life different groups are not always tolerant of each other.  Some simply want to wipe out those that they see as a risk because they aren’t like themselves.  Other, especially new, authors should take note – this is why the Kate Daniels series is so effective.  Yes, yes…we all love the Kate and Curran relationship.  But, there is a STORY to back it up.  It even makes sense.  Humans are afraid of those with special abilities.  The people (who control the vamps) and the shifters don’t trust each other.  Everyone uses everyone else to get what they want.

This is the world that Kate lives in.  As I mentioned in a prior review, she’s trying to learn to trust.  There is a wonderful conversation between Kate and Curran where she asks him some of the questions that are haunting her about their relationship.  Her growth over the last five books is shown in her willingness to take the leap and ask those questions instead of just running away and assuming that she cannot trust him.  But, I do love that she will still kick him in the head when she needs to.

My favorite quote: “No, it’s not the beast in us that makes us lose our balance.  It’s the man.  Of all the animals, we’re the most aggressive and the most predatory.”

5/5 stars for my favorite Urban Fantasy series.

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