Review – Cold Fire (Spiritwalker #2) by Kate Elliott

cold fireCold Fire is the second book in the Spiritwalker series by Kate Elliott.  (Note that this review may contain spoilers for Book 1.)

We pick up right where Cold Magic ended – Cat and her cousin, Bee, are looking for a refuge from the different factions that want to use them for their powers.  Cat is still confused by her husband, Andevai.  While they haven’t consummated their relationship, they are bound by the magical ties that were forced on them.

There are many revelations in Cold Fire that explain some of the actions taken in Cold Magic.  We learn more about Cat’s family history and each character is further developed. The world-building is expanded and I found it very creative and well thought out.

However, while I very much enjoyed this book, I will admit that it was frustrating at times.  Cat is so secretive and contrary (yes, I know that’s an old-fashioned word but it kept coming to mind.)  She’s not dumb by any stretch.  Some consider her naïve and I don’t disagree.  Yet, it was more than that.  She seems to enjoy arguing a little too much.  And, boy, does she need to learn to keep her mouth shut sometimes.  These character flaws caused her to make decisions that didn’t help her cause.  I wish she would have been a little slower to act (and react).  Plus she needs to learn to trust a little more.  Most of the time she seems to only trust Bee.

But, after reading Cold Fire, I’m not sure that trust is well-placed.  Bee is also either extremely naïve (which I don’t believe) or she is manipulative.  Cat seems to forgive her of a lot.  Because Bee is the “pretty one” all the men just fall all over her and she feels that is her right.  Something about her is really rubbing me the wrong way and that’s disappointing because I truly liked her in Book One.

Andevai completely grew on me in this installment and we got to see behind that arrogant demeanor.  Which brings us to my Thank You to Kate Elliott – when you read Cold Fire, be sure to go to Kate Elliott’s website ( and read Chapter 31.5.  Well, only do it if you are over 18.  Andevai’s point of view does not disappoint.

Overall, an enjoyable read and a great story.  4/5 stars.

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