Review – Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews

magic bleedsIlona Andrews just keeps getting better and better.  This fourth installment in the Kate Daniels series does not disappoint.

Kate is called to a local bar to investigate a disturbance.  She finds that someone has unleashed a disease through magic and she works to keep it contained.  While she is successful, she soon discovers that there is a strong presence at work that is a threat to everyone she holds dear.  Family can be deadly.

Magic Bleeds is a fun, action packed story.  For me, though, it was about growth and change – what do you want from your life and, ultimately, what do you want to be?  After all we know that Kate is the daughter of Roland and by blood should be one of the bad guys.  But she has chosen a different path.  Her stepfather raised her to be a loner and not to create attachments so she’s never had friends or responsibilities outside of herself.  Now she has chosen to have people close to her.  Kate has an adopted daughter (Julie), a best friend (Andrea), a man that she is starting to realize that she loves (Curran) and others that she cares about.  She will do anything to protect them even though she knows that one day she will have to face Roland.

I finished reading this over a week ago and I have thought about it each day since then.  That is the sign of a 5-star book to me.  Because I care about Kate and Curran, the series is making me nervous. There were points in Magic Bleeds where is seemed Curran had let Kate down.  Her sadness and anger were so well-written that I felt every emotion with her.  I did keep the faith in Curran but it was nerve-wracking.  Authors love to pull the rug out from under readers (and why not, we love it!)  There is a bad feeling that he is going to do something unforgivable or, gasp, be mortally wounded in one of these battles.  You know you are in love with a series when you cannot wait to pick up the next book but are a nervous wreck about what might come next.

My favorite quote actually comes from Andrea and made me laugh out loud: “Raphael’s mad because he can’t get his thingie approved.”

This is urban fantasy at its’ best.  Go read it now.

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