Review – Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

Moon CalledMoon Called is the first book in the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs.  Mercy owns a mechanic shop where she specializes in working on VWs and other foreign cars.  She is also a walker.  This means that she can shift into coyote form at will.  Her next door neighbor, Adam, is the alpha of the local Werewolf pack.  While she was raised in a nearby wolf pack, she has always been an outsider.  Her life is very complicated and it doesn’t show any signs of getting easier.

I’ve been on an urban fantasy kick lately.  What is urban fantasy?  Well, my definition would be that it’s similar to a paranormal romance but is heavier on the storyline and mythology while being lighter on the sex.  They also tend to be series that focus on one major character (usually a female) throughout.  Most PNR series seem to focus on a group of people and each book tells the love story of one of that group.

Some UF series are turning into favorites like the Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series.  Others are just average.  After reading Moon Called, I have high hopes that this series is going to be a favorite.  Mercy is a tough MC that has many layers.  It’s going to be interesting to get to know her better.  Her presumed primary love interest, Adam, hits all the right buttons as an Alpha.  While there is a bit of the standard UF formula at work, I loved the nuances that Briggs added.  Mercy is a college graduate who chooses to be a mechanic.  She is more concerned with doing something that she loves versus doing what might be expected.  She has also made peace with her inner coyote.  So, we don’t see any of the usual, “I hate what I am.”  Mercy is fine with who and what she is.  While she is certainly no prude, she goes to church each week and doesn’t curse.  I loved that the men around her would edit their language out of respect for her.  But, she didn’t judge others for making different decisions than she had.  The supporting cast of characters add even more depth.  Jesse as Adam’s daughter, Samuel as another love interest, Stefan – the vampire, Zee and may others.

An action-packed story + strong world building + interesting characters = a 5 star read.

2 thoughts on “Review – Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

  1. I tend to go on urban fantasy binges on and off and one of my favourite things is to find new series to get stuck into! I’ve never read any Patricia Briggs but I do love strong female characters – especially if they’re a werewolf or vampire. 🙂 Have you read any Chicagoland vampire books? They’re my current supernatural drug of choice!

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