Blog Tour Review – Into the Fire by Jodi McIsaac

into the fireInto the Fire is the 2nd book in The Thin Veil series.  I recently reviewed book one and highly recommend you read it first.  The review below may contain spoilers for Through the Door.

Cedar has discovered her true family history.  She is the daughter of the deceased King and Queen of Tir na nOg.  Her defeat of Lorcan, the man who murdered her family to become King, has left a power void in her home world.  Cedar, Finn, Eden and the rest of the gang return to Tir na nOg to help with the rebuilding process.  They soon learn that Nuala is vying to become the new Queen.  Since she is the one who kidnapped Eden and tried to use her powers of persuasion to control Lorcan, they know that this can’t be allowed to happen.  Into the Fire describes their journey to defeat Nuala and begin the healing process for their home.

While I enjoyed book one, I found Into the Fire to be even better.  The author works to build the world and, at the same time, keeps the story moving forward with both action and emotion.  There are moments of happiness for Finn and Cedar between all of the battles that they must fight.  I also felt that Eden had grown up a little (who wouldn’t after everything she went through.)  We see another glimpse of her adult self in the dream world and it piques your interest for her future story.

We also learn more about the Druids, Maeve’s history and the bitterness between them and the Tuatha De Danaan.  Note to self: I don’t want to meet a druid alone on a dark night in Ireland.

Seeing Felix and Jane start to fall for each other added some fun to the story.  Jane puts on such a tough front but she is as insecure as the rest of us.  And, she is willing to sacrifice for those she cares about.  I fell in love with her in this book and I could imagine her and Felix on their own adventure – hint, hint Jodi McIsaac.

Into the Fire is recommended for those who enjoy fantasy but I think it will work for science fiction, paranormal and historical fans.  It’s a story of family, betrayal, loyalty and fate.  4/5 stars for a great time.

I received a review copy as part of the blog tour.


Visit the author’s website at!blog-tour/c1nm6 to enter for a chance to win a signed copy of INTO THE FIRE. 

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