Review – Hunt the Moon by Karen Chance

Hunt the MoonHunt the Moon is the 5th novel in the Cassie Palmer series.

Cassie is the Pythia – a clairvoyant and seer.  She and her handlers are preparing for her coronation but there are those who will do whatever it takes to keep her from coming to power.

In many ways this is a fairly standard urban fantasy with some elements of a paranormal romance.  It’s easy to read and has scenes that are action-packed, fun and sexy.  The characters are well written and there is a nice variety of good guys and bad guys with a lot of them somewhere in the middle.  I especially liked Cassie’s vampire bodyguards and their reactions to her mishaps (and frequent nudity.)

There are two major issues that I had with the book:

– First, the story really goes nowhere.  We basically jump from one attack on Cassie to the next.  While I haven’t read the first four in the series, I believe I understand that Cassie found out that she was Pythia only about two months ago.  So, five books cover a two month period?  The action scenes are done well but I need more than that.  Cassie does learn a little about herself and her history but I’m just not sure it’s enough to support an entire book.

– Second, for the love of all things holy, why do we need a love triangle in EVERY book?  Both Mircea, Cassie’s vampire boyfriend, and Pritkin, her mage trainer, are compelling.  I can understand why some readers are Team Mircea and others are Team Pritkin.  It’s been done so many times before.  I’d like to see something new like, I don’t know, maybe she is actually a single twenty-something.  I hate to compare series as I don’t think it’s always fair.  But, I couldn’t help but think about the Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels series.  Part of the success of that UF series is that the romance is secondary to the main storyline.  Kate and Curran circle each other for quite a while before they give in.  And, there are NO love triangles to be seen.  If I do read further into this series, I hope to find that these relationships aren’t the focus and Cassie really does need to make a decision.  (Team Pritkin all the way *coughs*.)

If you enjoy Urban Fantasy, I would give this series a shot.  3/5 stars.

I received this book through the Goodreads Firstreads program.

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