Review – Through the Door by Jodi McIsaac

through the doorThrough the Door is the first book in The Thin Veil series by Jodi McIsaac.

From Goodreads: “It’s been seven years since the love of Cedar McLeod’s life left with no forwarding address. All she has left of him are heart-wrenching memories of happier times and a beautiful six-year-old daughter, Eden. Then, one day, Eden opens her bedroom door and unwittingly creates a portal that leads to anywhere she imagines.

But they’re not the only ones who know of Eden’s gift, and soon the child mysteriously vanishes.

Desperate for answers, Cedar digs into the past and finds herself thrust into a magical world of Celtic myths, fantastical creatures, and bloody rivalries. Teaming up with the unlikeliest of allies, Cedar must bridge the gap between two worlds and hold tight to the love in her heart…or lose everything to an ancient evil.

The first in the Thin Veil series, Through the Door is a pulse-pounding adventure that takes readers across the globe and deep into the hidden realms of Celtic lore.”

Cedar is an effective protagonist and her story is interesting and entertaining.  The relationship between her and Eden is a close one which drives the book forward.   But, for me, the best part of the story was the Celtic mythology and the world that is being built.  Not all questions are answered but I trust that we will learn more about Tir na nOg and the Tuatha De Danaan in the next installments.

A few things didn’t work for me. Cedar’s mother and her motivations were annoying and didn’t always make sense.  I would also like to see Finn be a stronger male protagonist as the story continues.

I believe this is the first book published by this author so the detail and the quality of writing are both impressive.  It’s not perfect but I would give this one 4/5 stars.  Recommended to those who enjoy fantasy and alternative stories of the Fae.

Thank you to the author for providing a copy for review.  Watch out for her guest post and my review of Book 2 on November 11 as part of the Blog Tour.



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