Mixed-Up Monday – 10 signs I have read too many post-apocalyptic novels


10 – When I look in my pantry, the first thing I notice is how few bottled waters I have available.

9 – I’ve planned a back-roads route to my parent’s land in NC in case the interstates are blocked with abandoned cars.

8 – To ensure I maximize fuel efficiency and storage capacity, I have compared cars, SUVs and trucks.  I don’t want to have to stop too often to siphon gas and fill the tank but I want to be able to carry all of my supplies.  (There is actually a list someone has posted for this. )

7 – Making my own penicillin seems like a natural thing to do.

6 – In a sporting goods store, I look around to make a mental shopping list of what I will need for the apocalypse.

5 – In the grocery store, I consider which canned goods I would want to take and if I would need a mask to block the smell of the food that has gone bad.

4 – Even though I’m not in school, a backpack seems like something you have to keep handy for those times you may need to be on the run.

3 – I keep hand sanitizer everywhere.  You never know when that super-flu (a la “The Stand”) is going to be set loose in the world.

2 – I’ve asked all of my family if they have a preparedness plan and I’m pretty sure they are ready to have me committed.

1 – I have to buy printed novels from my favorite authors so that I will have them when the power grid fails.

What do you think?  Maybe I need to read a little more mystery and romance.

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