Review – Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews

magic strikesMagic Strikes is the third book in the Kate Daniels series.  Two words for you – LOVED.  IT. 

Derek, a shifter and friend to Kate, has been horribly injured and is unable to heal.  Kate partners with a group of shifters to help Derek and stop a plot to harm all shapeshifters.  And, oh yeah, Curran is there too.

Ilona Andrews does a wonderful job telling the story, continuing to build this alternate Atlanta and creating relationships between characters you can’t help but care for. 

Kate is strong and loyal.  What’s interesting is seeing her growth as a person.  She was raised by her stepfather to be tough but she’s had to learn to trust.  But, now that she has friends – Andrea, Derek and even Curran – she won’t let anything happen to them. 

Curran is an alpha male, almost to the extreme.  He is a strong leader and is used to getting his way.  His continued pursuit of Kate (with her reluctance to give any ground) is fun to read.  In the real world, we probably wouldn’t be praising a man who breaks into a woman’s home.  Somehow, though, we still pull for Curran to win over Kate.  It is so refreshing that we are three books in and she hasn’t fallen into bed with him.  She is making him work for it!

The supporting cast continues to make the story even better.  Derek and Andrea as Kate’s friends.  Jim, a work partner, who isn’t always the most straight forward good guy.  We finally learn a little more about Saiman and what makes him tick.  Raphael is a hoot – both in general (giving Curran a fan for Kate to use if she became hot and bothered by looking at him) and in trying to woo Andrea. 

If you are a fan of Urban Fantasy, you have to read this series.  It simply works!  5/5 stars. 

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