Review – The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa

The lost princeLet’s face it – Julie Kagawa is one of the best storytellers in the YA world right now. She somehow balances character development and world building while giving us an action and emotion packed story. Anger, love, friendship, heartbreak and laughter are all within the pages of her novels.

Her Iron Fey series included some of my favorite reading moments last year. The Lost Prince – Call of the Forgotten #1 is set in the Iron Fey world but focuses primarily on Ethan Chase, the brother of the Iron Queen, Meghan. If you remember from the earlier series, Ethan has always had the sight (ability to see the fey) and was kidnapped by them at a young age. Meghan’s story started with her quest to save him. Ethan has become a loner and avoids the fey at all cost. He is also pretty bitter about Meghan’s absence in their lives now that she lives in the Iron Realm.

The bad news for Ethan is that the fey haven’t forgotten about him and he is drawn back into their world when he discovers a half-breed friend is missing. Ethan’s fight to find and save his friend takes him on a dangerous path and, once again, forces him to face that he isn’t “normal”.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Lost Prince. At first I wasn’t sure that Ethan is as strong a protagonist as Meghan and honestly, I’m still not 100% convinced. BUT – through the story, you do start to understand the struggle he has had for a normal life while dealing with the loss of his sister. His anger with Ash (for taking her away, at least in his mind) was palpable. Kenzie, Ethan’s love interest, is someone I want to know even more. She has a complex life and it will be interesting to see where JK takes her.

Now onto some minor spoilers so I can have a little fun discussing my favorite parts:

– We do get a minor update on Meghan and Ash. They are still living as husband and wife in the Iron Realm. And….

– They have a son, Keirran. Ethan not only learns that he has a nephew but because of the way time works in Nevernever, Keirran is his age (while Meghan and Ash still look like teenagers themselves as they are basically immortal.) Keirran has a lot of power. He is part human, part Iron Fey and part Winter Fey (from his father). This power and the prophecy about his future makes everyone nervous. While no one tells Ethan their concerns, he does pick up on it during his time in the Nevernever. For some reason, Meghan wanted to keep Keirran and Ethan apart…..

Keirran was my favorite character in The Lost Prince and I’m glad to see more of him coming in The Iron Traitor. But, I just know JK is going to break my heart. The blossoming friendship between Ethan and Keirran combined with the ‘unknown’ prophecy makes me a very nervous reader. And, Kenzie has a lot to overcome as well to get to a potential HEA.

4.5/5 stars. A wonderful start to the series but I had to hold out an extra 1/2 star as Julie Kagawa always hits her storytelling stride with the 2nd book (which I have already started by the way – oh, the feels!)


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