Freaky Friday – C*ndym*n


For the record, I am completely creeped out just typing this blog post.  Since I started “Freaky Friday” here at Lowcountrybooklover, I have been putting off writing about the movie that scared the bejeezus out of me.

Here we go – It was C*ndym*n.  Yes, you are correct, I refuse to even type it in full on the chance that he might be conjured through my computer screen.  Eeks…I am so going to have nightmares.

From Wikipedia: “Helen Lyle is a graduate student conducting research for her thesis on urban legends. While interviewing freshmen about their superstitions, she hears about a local legend known as Candyman. The legend contains many elements similar to the most well-known urban legends, including endangered babysitters, spirits who appear in mirrors when fatally summoned, and maniac killers with unnatural deformities. The legend claims that Candyman can be summoned by saying his name five times while facing a mirror (similar to the Bloody Mary folkloric tale), whereupon he will murder the summoner with his hook-hand. Later that evening, Helen and her friend Bernadette jokingly call Candyman’s name into the mirror in Helen’s bathroom but nothing happens.”

I consider myself an intelligent and rational person.  But, something about this story really freaked me out.  Twenty years later, I still am afraid to even think the C-word when I am looking in the mirror.  And, if I am in the bathroom in the middle of the night, forget about it.  Sometimes I’ll see my reflection in a glass door or other item and force myself to look away so I don’t ‘accidentally’ say it 5-times in my head.

I know…I know.  I sound kind of insane right now but didn’t this movie scare the pants off of anyone else?

What movie still scares you years later?


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