Review – The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith

the cuckoo's callingEveryone knows that J.K. Rowling wrote this book.  Rowling handled the disclosure with such grace and class.  I know there are a good number of reviews out there comparing it to Harry Potter.  I am going to review this book as the author intended – as written by Robert Galbraith.  Rowling wanted this book judged on its’ own merits and I really tried to go in with an open mind.

Our main character, Cormoran Strike, is a private investigator who lost part of a leg in Afghanistan.  His life is an absolute mess both personally and professionally.  The new temp secretary, Robin, starts work on the same day that Cormoran is approached to investigate the death of Lula Landry, famous supermodel.  The police ruled it a suicide but there are unanswered questions.

The Cuckoo’s Calling is a classic mystery with a flawed protagonist.  Familial relationships are examined including adoption (and some parents motivation to adopt children).  We see the end of romantic relationships along with the highs and lows of others.  Friendship, loyalty and integrity all play a part in this story.

Fame and wealth are not glamorized but shown through a clear lens.  Some of these people are good, some are bad and others are in the middle.  Drug use is fairly prevalent among this crowd and it also is shown for what it is – damaging and dangerous.

The writing is done well – not perfect but definitely done well.  There were some stretches to wrap everything up but it wasn’t bothersome.  Overall, the story is enjoyable and the characters were well flushed out.  I am looking forward to future Strike stories.

4/5 stars.

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