Review – Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews

magic burns“OH BOY.”  Yes, Kate, those are my sentiments exactly.

How much did I love Magic Bites?  So much that I had to immediately purchase Magic Burns to read next.  It was definitely worth the rush!

Magic has been coming to Atlanta in waves but now they are experiencing a flare.  This means that magical powers are amplified and all sorts of craziness can happen.

There is a lot going on in this world and specifically in this installment.  A good bit of god and goddess mythology was included: they can manifest themselves during a flare and some want to come to earth to wipe us out.  No biggie, right?  The pack is once again involved as their detailed maps of the city have been stolen as part of this battle.  There is a new nemesis, Bran, for Kate who has some pretty awesome powers.  And, of course, the People/vamps, Saiman and other magical creatures are along for the ride.

We also learn a little more about Curran’s growing feelings for Kate…very interested to see where this leads.  Most female readers love to read about alpha males softening up and finding their soul mate.  Curran shows no signs of softening and I’m hopeful that the writers are going to find a unique angle for this couple.

Kate picks up a shadow for most of the book – a little girl named Julie.  She, of course, has some special power.  The sisterly relationship between Julie and Kate was an important part of the story.  It allowed us to see that softer / maternal side of Kate that she doesn’t get to show in her everyday life.

The writing works very well.  Honestly, with so much going on, it might have been easy for a reader to become lost or confused.  BUT – it is written in such a way that you are able to follow the story and keep track of all of the characters while still having fun along the way.  So far, I am extremely impressed with the series and plan to continue the journey.

5/5 stars.

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