Review – Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews

magic bitesMagic Bites is the first book in the Kate Daniels urban fantasy series.  I LOVED IT! 

In an alternate Atlanta, magic is slowly taking over.  It’s unpredictable but there are times when technology works (phones, elevators, cars).  Other times, when magic hits, the tech goes out and you have to use other options.  Lucky for Kate that she has magic in her blood. 

As a mercenary for hire, she is hired for magical jobs that include recovery and bodyguard work.  She’s good at her job but has a lot of secrets.  When her former guardian is murdered, she involves herself in the investigation to find justice for him.  Both the PEOPLE (who control vamps – still need more info on this) and the PACK (shapeshifters) have been hit by this killer.  She works with the pack and their leader, Curran, to solve the murders.  Curran is a shapeshifter whose form is a large lion – see cover.   

Magic Bites is one of my favorite reads so far this year.  The authors found the right balance of humor and tension to keep it interesting.  The world-building was done well and most of the characters were well rounded.  We can see something sparking between Curran and Kate but they didn’t push a romance down our throats.  Kate is a strong protagonist who doesn’t care that she can’t wear fancy clothes and that she doesn’t have a model-thin body.  She likes the fact that she is physically strong and wants to keep it that way.  There is definitely more to Kate than meets the eye and all of our questions about her aren’t answered here.  I trust that we will learn more about her with each installment and am looking forward to the journey.

The copy I purchased included a bonus prequel that told the story of Kate’s first meeting with Saiman, another paranormal creature.  We also got to read Curran’s POV for a few scenes (his first meeting with Kate when she says “here kitty, kitty” – love it!) and her date with Crest where she runs into Curran with his date.  These additions were a lot of fun. 

5/5 stars.  If you enjoy urban fantasy, READ THIS NOW!

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