Review – Last Chance Summer by Hope Ramsay

last chance summerLast Chance Summer caught my eye because of the watermelon on the cover.  Strange, I know.  But, you see, I grew up in Pageland, SC – the town we call “The Watermelon Capital of the World”.  And every July they hold a Watermelon Festival that includes a pageant, seed spitting contest and a carnival.  The synopsis for Last Chance Summer talks about Last Chance, SC and its annual Watermelon Festival.  I was intrigued.

First things first, I did determine that the author isn’t talking about our festival but another in the western part of the state.  That was good because the characters pretty much got on my nerves.  I can tell you that NO ONE in Pageland greets a stranger with “Howdy.”  And some smooth talking Chicago native isn’t going to come to town and cause all of the women to swoon.

There is nothing overly offensive about Last Chance Summer but I do feel that many authors who aren’t from the South but have visited have a very simplistic view of what it means to be a Southerner.  Especially what it means to be a Southern woman.  I don’t appreciate that all of the women are so ‘cutesy’ and, in many cases, overly emotional.  The women in Last Chance Summer were caricatures of real Southern women and I wished for more.

2/5 stars.  Thanks to the publisher for providing an e-book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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