Freaky Friday – The Stand by Stephen King

I’ve read a lot of books.  And, it takes something special to truly freak me out.  It might be “keep your lights on at night” scary or “I’m going to lose my lunch” gross.  Either way, I love it when a writer brings out a strong reaction in me.  For the next several Fridays, I’m going to spotlight a book that was FREAKY in one way or another.

This week’s freaky read is The Stand – you can read my review here.

This King work meets all the standards – it is a little scary, a little gross and a lot thought-provoking.  For me, the thought of a genetically engineered super-flu is terrifying because it really could happen.  The aftermath would be destructive at best and apocalyptic at worst.

Published in 1978 but so applicable to our world today.

One of my favorites but, whew, it can keep you up at night.

What books meet the Freaky Criteria for you?


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