Review – World War Z by Max Brooks

world war zI bought World War Z a while back and had been waiting for the perfect time to read it.  When the movie was about to come out, I decided to give it a shot and then go see the movie to compare.  It didn’t exactly go as planned…

I love all forms of paranormal creatures – zombies, vampires, witches, etc. – so I thought World War Z would be a no-brainer for me.  It was boring.  And, it took FOREVER for me to finish because I had no motivation to pick it up each night.  The high level storyline is fine.  But I couldn’t connect with any of the characters.  WWZ is written as a series of printed transcripts from interviews with different people who were involved in the war.  It does, somewhat, follow the timeline by focusing on different aspects.  But, it is impossible to get to know anyone and care about them.  The narrator is the journalist interviewing them.  But, he’s not really the narrator as he basically just explains who he is interviewing at the beginning of each section.  There is a two page introduction that does talk about why he decided to put this together.

As I was starting to read, I saw an article the discussed Max Brooks’ views on the movie.  He pretty much made it clear that he had little to nothing to do with the movie and that it is extremely different from the book.  The truth is that I don’t see how they could make an enjoyable movie out of the book as written.  It’s too fragmented and, again, little to no character development.

Maybe I should go see the movie.  I might like it better.

2/5 stars from a disappointed reader.

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