Review – Carniepunk

CarniepunkI’ve never been a big fan of anthologies.  There is limited reading time (sad, I know) so I stick to novels where I can find character development and a depth to the story.  However, in the past several months I decided to read more short stories.  Earlier this year I read and reviewed a book of short stories / novellas by one of my favorite authors.  And, my husband surprised me with an anthology of zombie shorts that I have enjoyed to the halfway point.  So, when I saw this group of authors (many very well-known for their paranormal writing) and, hello, CARNIVALS – I really wanted to give this one a shot.  Am I glad I did?  You betcha!

As with any eclectic group, some of the stories are definitely better than others.  I won’t review each one separately here but if you are interested, I did rate each one with my Goodreads status updates while reading.  The ratings varied from 1 to 5 stars with most receiving 3.5-4.

My favorite was definitely “The Cold Girl” by Rachel Caine.  It was scary and sad – abusive teenage relationships, fortune tellers and the reaper.  About 30 pages but better character development than many full length paranormal novels out right now.

Least favorite was “The Sweeter the Juice” by Mark Henry.  I can’t even describe it.  Just weird.  And, I hate to say but not good at all.

Overall, 4/5 stars and worth the price of admission.

Thank you to the Gallery Books for providing a copy through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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