Review – Voyager by Diana Gabaldon

voyage“It has always been forever, for me, Sassenach”

Voyager is the third installment in the Outlander series.  After the roller coaster ride that was Dragonfly in Amber, I was excited/nervous/happy to get to this one.  Diana Gabaldon didn’t let me down!  I am so attached to these characters that I actually got sick to my stomach while reading.  We have such a long way to go (book 8 is coming out this fall) that I know any “Happily Ever After” is far down the road.

No plot summary – it would be impossible without spoilers.  We get to spend more time with our major characters (Jamie, Claire, Brianna, Roger and so on.)  Plus, we learn more about some minor players (Lord John Grey, Laoghaire-yuck, Jenny, Ian, Fergus).  And we meet new people (William, Marsali).

I’m loving Lord John Grey and have already picked up two of his books to read later.  I could have done without Laoghaire (honestly, couldn’t it have been anyone but her?)  Anger doesn’t describe the emotion this caused for me.  Claire is much more forgiving than I would be.  Let’s just leave it at that.  Interested yet?  YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!!

While I loved Voyager and am patiently waiting to get to the next book, I do have some concerns about the series going forward:

– As I mentioned above, we have a long way to go.  It seems that Claire, Jamie and the others get themselves into one predicament after another.  I’m worried this could become old if it continues for 5+ more books.  Hopefully DG will find other ways to advance the story.

– Coincidence upon coincidence.  Claire and Jamie seem to run into people that they know all the time and all over the world.  In 2013, the world is a rather small place and I can see this happening but in the mid-1700’s?  I’m not sure it really makes sense for Jamie to meet up with a person he met in Europe while in the West Indies.  And, Claire meets the ancestor of her friend from the 1960’s.  If this happened occasionally, it wouldn’t stand out but it happens ALOT and I don’t want the story to become hokey.

– Is anyone ever really dead?  There are times when I was reminded of watching ‘the stories’ with my grandmother.  Noone ever really dies on a soap opera and apparently not in the Outlander world either.

None of these concerns kept me from enjoying the book but were in the back of my mind.  Honestly, no matter what happens, I will be there with this series until the end.  Jamie and Claire are a part of me now and I have to see them through.  I hope they do finally receive their proper ending.

5/5 stars for a great book!!


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