Review – A Shimmer of Angels by Lisa Basso


Rayna can see angels. Unfortunately, her family and doctors have convinced her that she is crazy. At the age of 16, she has already spent three years in a mental institution where she was drugged and analyzed. Everyone, including Rayna, believes she is in remission so she comes home and starts to attend public school. She even gets a job at a local diner. Then one day she sees a golden pair of wings at school and it all starts to come crashing down.

I was really hoping for an original story but was disappointed to find that it was all so cliche. Tell me if you’ve read these story-lines before:

– Noone believes her gift.
– Female main character falls apart at the drop of a hat.
– Bratty younger sister.
– Geeky best friend.
– Golden boy love interest.
– The powers that be won’t let them be together.
– Enter bad boy love interest.
– Is bad boy really bad?
– Big bad wants MC to join him.
– MC must find strength in herself to save others.

You may be wondering why I gave this 3/5 stars when it probably sounds like I hated it. Here’s the thing- I didn’t hate it. Please forgive me, I couldn’t put it down. Maybe I was just on the mood for a familiar story but I will admit that it sucked me in. So I say that, if you like YA fluff, you should give it a shot!

Thanks to the publisher for providing an e-book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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