Review – Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander #2) by Diana Gabaldon

DIA“D’ye think I don’t know?” he asked softly.  “It’s me that has the easy part now.  For if ye feel for me as I do for you – then I am asking you to tear out your heart and live without it.”

Diana Gabaldon certainly knows how to rip out your heart, show it to you and then have you thank her for it while asking for more.

I won’t recap the plot as it would be impossible to not include spoilers.  And, if you haven’t read Dragonfly in Amber (or the first in the Series, Outlander) then you really need to remedy that mistake and purchase them today.  DiA doesn’t begin or end as expected.  Ms. Gabaldon keeps the twists and turns coming and it’s impossible to determine where the next chapter will take you.  I LOVE THAT!  At the same time, there are many difficult scenes to read.  Both Claire and Jamie make decisions that frustrated me.  There were times I thought Claire should take the offer and use the dirk on Jamie (note to husbands – if you’ve been in a brothel and resisted temptation, then you still need to wash off the smell of cheap perfume before you come home to your wife.)  In the end, I couldn’t fault them since both are trying to do the right thing for each other, Scotland and their friends and family.  But the process was painful.

DiA includes a new major character – Roger Wakefield.  I wasn’t sure about him in the beginning but he grew on me and I hope to learn more of his story.  There are also several losses.  Some more surprising than others.  One brought me to tears – I felt like I was there with them holding his hand.

5/5 stars for one of my favorite books.  I cannot wait to read the next in the series but am feeling a little apprehensive.  I am invested in these characters and hope that all turns out well for them.  Can anyone tell me where I can find an Outlander support group?

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