Review – The Waste Lands (Dark Tower III) by Stephen King

The Waste LandsThe Waste Lands is the third book in King’s Dark Tower series.  We continue the journey to the Dark Tower with Roland, Eddie and Susannah.  They encounter many obstacles along the way and we slowly learn more about their past, this journey and just a little about what the future may hold for them.

This book is difficult for me to review.  The first half was very slow for me and I kept putting it aside to read other books.  But, I flew through the second half.  We are truly in the middle of this story and it’s all about the details now.  There are interconnections throughout this book and parts 1-2.  In book 2 we saw Roland, in another body, save Jake’s life (his original / real life if that makes any sense).  This caused both of them to start to have mental issues because they felt they were split in two.  In one reality (book 1), Jake had died, met Roland and then died again.  In this new reality, Jake is alive in NYC but knows that something is wrong (i.e. he is supposed to be dead).  This leads him to eventually find a way to get to Roland, Eddie and Susannah.  The intricacy of the story is amazing – Eddie remembers seeing Jake when he was younger and it’s the future Eddie who pulls him through the door.  The time ‘twists’ add so much interest but you really do have to pay attention.

Also, Roland compares his current ka-tet of Eddie and Susannah with people from his past.  There is a bridge that reminds everyone of the GWB in NY.  Are the similarities a coincidence or not? Ok…I’ve got to stop.  This is making my head hurt – but in a good way.  Thinking about these books is almost like thinking about space (no end, no beginning – how the heck does that work?)  If you think about it too long you’ll give yourself a tummy ache.

Each King book I read gives me something new for my nightmares.  This one has an evil train.  If I keep reading, I will never get a full night’s sleep again.

Overall, a great book but it wasn’t one of my favorites.  4/5 stars.  A must read for the series and for Stephen King fans.

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