Review – The Shining by Stephen King

the shining“He would make her take her medicine. Every drop. Every last bitter drop.”  Chills.

Jack Torrance is a husband and father.  After being fired from his job as a teacher, he accepts a caretaker position at the Overlook Hotel.  He and his family will watch out for the place during the off-season.  Because of the winter weather, they know that they may be stranded there for weeks at a time.  This will give them all a chance to be together and also allow Jack to write the next great novel.  The hotel and its’ permanent inhabitants have a different idea.

The Shining is a frightening book.  Yes, it’s scary because of all the paranormal things that happen with the hotel’s ghosts.  More than that, it’s scary because of Jack.  He wants to be a good man, husband, father, writer, etc.  But, you see, Jack has some anger management issues.  He was fired from his job as a teacher because of an altercation with a student.  He broke his son’s arm in anger.  Jack is ‘ripe for the picking’ as the one to do the dirty work for the ghosts.

The Shining is also sad.  You could feel Jack’s struggle.  He doesn’t want to hurt anyone but his demons won’t allow him to live a normal life.  One of his demons is alcohol.  Most of us know someone who is a different person when drinking.  Jack is that person.

Danny, Jack’s son, has some special powers.  He has “the shining” or ability to talk with others with his mind.  He can also see what others are thinking and in some cases, what is about to happen.

Wendy is Danny’s mother and turns out to be one tough mother!  I much prefered her in the book versus the movie.

Almost every other character is compelling – Mr. Ullman, Hallorann and so on.

The Shining is a favorite and 5/5 stars.  Stephen King is now writing a sequel with Danny as the MC.  I cannot wait.


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